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About Ezy Mechanical

About us

From Small Beginnings to Big Results

Ezy Mechanical was created in 2009 to support the fleet of rental vehicles owned by Ezy Vehicle Rentals. Outsourcing our fleet maintenance resulted in inadequate repair outcomes, poor performance and unacceptable delays.

That’s why we decided to bring the repair business in-house. Ezy Mechanical’s immediate success led to a large boost of quality standards in our fleet.

Earning Our Customers' Trust

Over time, our customers noticed the superior performance and quality of our rental fleet vehicles. This reputation caused many players in the industrial sector to ask us to manage their own fleet maintenance and repair needs. Ezy Mechanical has been successfully growing this business ever since.

We now specialise in roadworthy certifications, mechanical repairs, inspections, tyres and suspensions, safety and more for both the general public and businesses in the Mackay, Whitsundays and Isaac Region.

How We Make Fleet Maintenance Easy

Ezy Mechanical offers our clients a range of high-quality vehicle and fleet maintenance services. We specialise in mining and industrial vehicles as well as those requiring special certifications. Our team of highly experienced technicians has built over 200 mine-compliant light vehicles.

Our strict focus on customer satisfaction and quality continue to build our reputation for excellence.