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Fulcrum Suspension Authorised Dealer

Ezy Mechanical in Moranbah are an Authorised Dealer of Fulcrum Suspensions

Fulcrum Suspensions are the leaders in steering and suspension in Australia, giving the best suspension service to both 4×4 and performance cars. Largely established in Brisbane, spread out across the east coast but operation throughout Australia.

Fulcrum Suspensions offers cheap wheel alignments, free suspension safety checks, brake inspections, 4×4 lift kits, TEIN coilover kits, lowering kits and a large range of other 4×4 suspension and performance suspension upgrades.

The Ezy Mechanical workshop in Moranbah is equipped with the latest suspension technology and tools. Our experienced suspension mechanics and technicians are ready to help you with all your suspension needs.


Get the best 4WD lift kit for your next 4×4 adventure. Fulcrum has put together the best 4×4 lift kits for the Australian outback, upgrading 4×4 suspension to handle everything the Aussie bush throws your way. Fulcrum Suspension 4×4 lift kits are made for Australian 4×4 enthusiasts and hobbyists alike. Assembled and tested in Brisbane, our 2 inch lift kits are perfect for your 4WD suspension. Use our 4×4 suspension filter above to search for the best 4×4 lift kit based on application or your 4WD’s use type, front load and rear load. By doing this our system can automatically show you the best 4WD lift kit. You can also use our suspension lift kit search to find the best 4×4 lift kit based on brand. We stock Bilstein lift kits, Formula 4×4 lift kits, RAW 4×4 lift kits, Koni lift kits, EFS lift kits, Rancho 4×4 lift kits, Sachs 4×4 lift kits, Monroe 4×4 lift kits and SuperPro 4×4 spacer lift kits (Ezy lift Kits).

We understand that you may like to load up your 4WD with a lot of 4×4 gear. So our research and development team have created specially built 4×4 suspension lift kits to handle constant increased load in off road conditions. We also have enhancement 4×4 lift kits and performance 4×4 lift kits. Each designed for specific off road applications and carrying weights. All our 4×4 lift kits are designed to give your 4WD suspension improved stability under load, when towing, increased comfort off road or on road and of course greater control over your drive.

Get the Fulcrum 4×4 advantage by installing our Australian assembled and tested 4×4 lift kits. Increase your flex, driving capability and your off road/on road vehicle traction.